***UPDATE: This event has been postponed indefinitely. Our instructor is in need of all of our blessings for a swift recovery of her health. Thank you for helping to send her your healing wishes!

Do you want to learn a new trade from a master woodcarver?

Lavelle Foos has been a sculptor for over 39 years and her work can be found throughout California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. As an artist, she works with nature’s elements of teaching and healing. One of Lavelle’s materials is ancient redwood, which makes its way to her only if it was downed by lightning. Much of the wood is over 2,000 years old.

See Lavelle’s work here: http://www.lavellefoos.com/

Lavelle Foos with redwood slab that she carved. The redwood below will be carved similar to this.

Ancient Redwood that we are carving.

Ancient Redwood that the youth will be carving.

"Harmony" by Lavelle Foos. Youth participants will be carving 7 cedar totems similar to this.

“Harmony” by Lavelle Foos. Youth participants will be carving 7 cedar totems similar to this.

3 Month Long Course

Lavelle Foos has a burning passion to create a happier and healthier world and has donated two 4′ x 9′ ancient redwood slabs that were cut from a 2000 + year old tree downed by lightning. Lavelle shares Circle of Children’s vision for a global culture that uplifts our youth and provides experiential education that influences positive transformation in the individual and our planet. It’s from this space of love that moved her to volunteer her professional services, while passing on her extraordinaire talents to a few lucky people.

How much does this course cost?

Lavelle Foos is volunteering her time in instructing this woodcarving course, we are inviting participants to make a financial contribution at the end of the course. This contribution is voluntary and it is up to you how much you offer towards the sustainability of her livelihood.

* All of Circle of Children’s programs and services are offered as a free resource. Our service work is made possible by the whole communities participation. We encourage unconditional giving and trust that participants will find it in their hearts to provide the resources required to continue offering our gifts. Circle of Children is an experiment in the ‘Gift Economy’ and invites your divine presence to create a successful model that will generate a spiral of unconditional giving and a new era peace and prosperity.

If you are someone or knows someone that might be interested in taking part in this wood-working journey, please fill out this brief application form to be considered. Or contact Blackhorse Shasta at director@circleofchildren.org and/or 541.632.3140.

Here is a good question to ask yourself to see if you would be a good fit for this youth group project:

Are you passionate about changing the world?

More Information about this project in it’s entirety:

This woodworking project is the gateway to a youth empowerment camp (G.E.M Camp) that Circle of Children will set up at large scale events like Burning Man and Symbiosis Music Gathering. This camp focuses on empowering young people (ages 12-27) to take an active roll in creating a thriving planet. We will also be bringing our youth empowerment program (including our wood art) to high schools and colleges around the Pacific Northwest.

How we change the world:

  • Inspire young people to follow their hearts and actualize their biggest dreams.
  • Provide service-based learning experiences that develop life skills, while doing good for the people and the planet.
  • Offer environments that provide educational workshops that awaken the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Match youth with mentors that fuel each others shared passions.
  • Connect young people with resources (volunteers, materials, money, and etc.) to help turn creative idea’s into successful projects. We will do this most effectively with a tool or web-platform that our international team of web designers and programmers are currently constructing.

To learn more about the GEM social media & crowd-funding platform we are currently developing, please go here.

Full overview of the GEM Movement

Facebook Woodcarving Workshop Event Page

Application Form

Please share this program with interested youth!

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