Permaculture: Join us for an adventurous immersion in permaculture design, no-till organic gardening, mushroom cultivation, seed preservation, composting and more. Our Circle Garden and food forest provide the perfect opportunity to get your hands in the earth!

Ecological stewardship: We teach sustainable forestry to utilize the natural resources that surround us through non-invasive practices. Participants are involved with reforestation and invasive species remediation projects.

Natural Building: We utilize the abundance of surrounding resources to create earthen structures that are artfully designed and energy efficient, with the guidance and instruction of green architects and natural building professionals.

Wildcrafting: We offer instruction on the sustainable harvest and preparation of medicinal and edible plants. Join us as we discover the botanical diversity of the Pacific Northwest rainforests! These skills deepen our relationship with the local ecosystem and our appreciation for all life has to offer.

Creative Arts: Express your creativity through painting, sculpture, dance, music, theater, storytelling, creative writing, culinary arts, graphic design and more. Participants are encouraged to follow their passions and develop their inner source of inspiration.

Food Preservation: Learn your way around the kitchen as we practice fermentation, pickling, canning, dehydrating, juicing, and more.

Community Building & Holistic Leadership: Participants are immersed in an environment where community is an essential part of daily living. This experience builds trust, boosts confidence, develops character and instills connection through open and clear communication. The unique gifts of each individual are nurtured, and their gifts in turn
are offered in support of the community.