Circle of Children specializes in creating enriched environments for young people to connect with nature, develop their unique talents, build community and create projects that serve the people and the planet. We regularly host youth immersion programs and family camps that focus on permaculture, natural building, sustainable forestry, nature connection, holistic health, creative arts and expression, community building, and youth empowerment at our Triangle Lake Center in Oregon and throughout the west coast.

We offer an innovative education model that provides hands-on project and service-based learning opportunities for children of all ages. This model is being designed to provide youth with the wisdom, tools, resources and experience necessary to realize their limitless potential and follow their dreams. Our understanding is that true learning comes through direct experience and fostering a deeper connection with life and our intuitive nature. Our programs are designed to bring children into this connected state, and engage them through simples acts of service that bring more love, peace and healing to the planet.

We are located at the Triangle Lake Center in Oregon, on 60 acres of land with a fully-developed conference and retreat center. This beautiful property was generously donated to our organization in the Spring of 2014. Our center is nestled between two lakes in the heart of Oregon’s Coastal Mountains and the Pacific Northwest Rainforest, and we are surrounded by 180 acres of private nature preserve. Our goal for our center is to develop a cooperatively-run demonstration site for sustainable living and learning, one in which we will host a wide variety of educational workshops, field trips, retreats and convergences – while simultaneously inviting fellow schools, groups and organizations to do the same.

Circle of Children is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We offer all of our programs and services as a free resource, in alignment with our values of the gift economy. Our organization is fully volunteer run and operated, which demonstrates our principles of giving and serving from the heart.