When: June 20th – July 3rd

Where: Triangle Lake Conference Center [Driving Directions]



Please read all of the information provided below if you are interested in attending this event. We require previous correspondence with all event participants, so please contact us if you would like to attend and send us the following information:

  • Your name
  • The name of all family members/friends who you plan to attend with
  • Dates You Would Like to Attend
  • Why You are Interested in Attending
  • What You are Excited to Share or Contribute to the Experience
  • The Secret Code to Confirm that You Have Read this Page

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Imagine waking up after a restful evening resting close to the earth and seeing tall and beautiful trees surrounding you. You take a few steps and you are in the meadow, where the incredible mandala circle garden lies. You pick some greens and take them to the outdoor kitchen to make a morning smoothie on the bike-powered blender. You watch your children run free, your mind expands with theirs and you feel the power of community collaboration in healing our earth and our selves. Your light within you shines just a little bit brighter as each day passes. This is what it feels like to collaborate with the Circle of Children at Family Camp. Once you come here, we hope to make lifelong connections and collaboration to continue to be stewards of the land. Our vision here expands out to heal all living things and we cant wait to let our visions connect.


If you are looking to come here with your family, but are not sure whether or not to make the trek happen, here is a few things to expect once you arrive:

  • Warm, welcoming hugs from those around you
  • Circle time in which we hold hands, give gratitude and share stories and ideas
  • Daily service work in the garden, kitchen, with children, or wherever you are called
  • Three delicious vegan whole food meals a day to nurture you and your families in the most amazing way. Please bring organic grains, seeds, legumes and produce to share and help us make this collaboration an abundant one. We are welcome to making every meal together and your ideas are welcome. However, for love and respect of our bodies and the mother earth, we ask that you do not bring packaged processed food or single serving snacks. Our space is free of processed foods and refined sugars. We buy in bulk and buy local as much as possible. Everything we bring we share in the community kitchen, we are radical sharers here so keep that in mindJ
  • We will be making a wooden ship collaboration to sail around the lake and it is going to be amazing!
  • There is a beautiful natural playground amongst the trees for all to play on and enjoy.
  • There is an outdoor kitchen space where we can collaborate meals and use what is harvested in the garden right next to us.
  • You and your children will learn unforgettable knowing about gardening, permaculture and the benefits of the wild plants in the garden
  • Our bigger picture is to protect the land around us. We are in a forest that is in danger of being destroyed and we are a force that is working hard to protect that from happening each day.
  • Know that this is not a retreat for just sitting in the woods and blissing out, although that is encouraged and will most likely happen, all of us are here to serve the land and serve each other.
  • Please Note: There is no cell phone reception or wifi connectivity at our facility.

We hope to see you and your beautiful families here to connect, learn, serve and share an incredible experience together.


We ask that all visitors please understand and respect that we are creating a children and family friendly environment, one in which we embody our love and respect for our mother earth. As such, these are the guidelines we have in place to help maintain the purity of our bodies and the land:

What to Bring:

  • Organic, unprocessed, vegan food to contribute to the community kitchen
  • Camping Gear: Tent, Pillows, Sleeping Bags, Headlamp
  • Rain jacket
  • Warm sweaters or shawls for the evening
  • Natural Sunscreen and a Sun Hat
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Swimming Suit
  • All natural, biodegradable soaps and personal hygiene products (we keep our land as pure as possible!)

What Not to Bring:

  • Substances that alter body and mind, no smoking of any kind.
  • Any food that is not organic
  • Meat, coffee, and refined sugars. Highly processed or packaged foods.
  • Pets or four-legged friends
  • Plastic children’s toys


We are not charging any money for this family camp. It is an experience that reflects the gift of this precious world. However our gardens are yet ot be harvesting and we are reliant on purchasing food right now. We work with local farms and food distributors. We would experience your contribution, whatever you can give, to go out and buy in bulk whatever we may need. We get a really good deal with what we buy so instead of spending the money on groceries and bringing them to share, your money goes further if you let us do the shopping.


Camping is available in the meadows and forest. Please bring your own tent, sleeping bag and head lamp. If you would like to bring your own accommodation (RV, camper shell, travel yurt), please include this in your e-mail. Clean, fresh drinking water is abundantly provided, please bring your own reusable water bottle.


~ Plant Walks (Wild Edibles & Medicinal’s)
~ Nature Art
~ Painting
~ Organic Gardening
~ Canoeing & Swimming
~ Yoga
~ Natural Building
~ Ship Building
~ Wildflower Seed Ball Making
~ Youth Empowerment Circles
*** What would you like to offer the village?


Do you have a special skill that you want to share? We would love to see daily workshops happen after lunch followed by collaborative effort on the land to bring our visions together. Please feel free to come ready to share whatever it is that calls you. Do you teach yoga? Are you a master gardener? Do you want to create a music workshop for the kids? Fire making? Are you a Master in the kitchen? Share your skills with all and connect with others who want to learn more!

SECRET CODE: “I Heart Mother Earth!”


Hello there! Are you looking for a wonderful way to serve the mother earth and spend time with other like-minded families this summer? I would highly recommend coming to the circle of children family camp at Triangle Lake in Oregon. I am new to circle of children. I travelled across the country with my husband and our two children to work and thrive with the Circle of Children. I have been here for a week now and didn’t know what exactly to expect when I arrived. I wanted to travel with my family and work and live in community while respecting and serving the mother earth. I have learned so much in just my week of being here. If you are looking to come here with your family, know that this is a place to work together to serve a bigger picture, getting our hands in the dirt, cooking vegan meals together, and singing by the fire at night. There are community teepees available to rest in at night and we are right next to triangle lake where we often swim together. I have felt a real sense of community here. We gather in circle several times a day to give thanks for our food, connect with the earth, breathe and communicate any ideas that may be coming up in our minds. This space is fresh with so much opportunity to learn. I am so happy that I came here with my family and look forward to growing more.


~ Danielle
Holistic Health Counselor