We have gamified the GEM Movement. The game is called ‘Play it Forward’. Below is the interactive art installation that will be displayed at large scale public events, transformational festivals, and schools. This art piece is a work in progress.
Below are some pictures showing GEM’s progress!

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Below is the wooden GEM Mandala in Action at its first appearance in public. This picture was taken in Northern California where Circle of Children and one of our partners Natural Leaders Foundation set up a Youth Camp at Symbiosis Festival this September. We got the wheel built just in time for this event and was able to share it with many of the 14,000 event attendee’s! This interactive art installation will be show-cased at the center of GEM’s youth camp at festivals throughout the West Coast.

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The Earthen Tokens below were innovated by Meghan Machado and created by several families at Circle of Children! Once the game player spins the wheel, he or she lands one of the 12 rays and then chooses 1 token from 1 of the color coated bags. The player then takes this token with them and performs the act of kindness found on the ceramic token. Once the act of kindness is completed the token is given to another and they are asked to “Play it Forward”.

Check out a 1 minute video of Play it Forward in action before the wooden wheel was created: http://circleofchildren.org/wp/game-of-global-transformation

Crystal & Gemstone Inlay
The crystal spiral below will be inlaid into the wood and all crystals will be back-lit with LED lighting. This spiral represents the Golden Ratio/Fibonacci Sequence created within the sunflower family. Image all 96 of these crystals (quartz, amethyst, aquamarines, & herkimer diamonds) with their points all facing upward and shining brilliantly to make up this spiral galaxy.
Now imagine an illuminated rainbow opal in the very center of the human-being representing the unlabeled 13th ray, which is council-ship. This opal has yet to be donated, so if your have one that you’d like to offer to the center of this masterpiece, please let us know. All significant contributors (individuals or companies) of this Mandala will be included on the ‘Plaque of Gratitude’ which will be displayed alongside the wheel wherever it goes.

There are also several precious gemstones/minerals that will be inlayed in the heart of the roots in all 12 trees. These stones will also be illuminated with LED lighting from the backside of the wheel. So far, we have been donated 3 of the 12 stones needed. The 3 stones we already have been blessed with are ruby, purple tourmaline, and aquamarine. All 12 of these stones need to be at least 1.5″ ². If you have precious stones that come close to matching each of the 12 colors of the color wheel in the original Mandala art (displayed below), we are enthusiastically awaiting your email or phone call. Remember, Circle of Children will include all significant donors on the Gratitude Plaque that will be seen by millions of people around the world!

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The GEM Mandala is currently being painted by one of the most amazing airbrush artists in the United States.
Below are a few sample pictures of Eric Nez’s work.

Check out more of Eric’s work here:



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