“As a member of the Circle of Children Community, and especially as a participant of the Indigo Medicine Wheel, I have experienced more personal growth than ever before in my life. I attribute this to Circle’s spirit of generosity, openness, and wholehearted appreciation of the gifts that the youth are here to develop. The opportunity I have to be a leader enables me to expand capacities within myself that help me to better serve both my purpose and the vision of the community.”                                                            


“Many, many thanks to you for the work you do everyday! My sons have BLOSSOMED at Circle of Children as have I.
Thank you, thank you, thank you”


“When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us. When our community is in a state of peace, it can share that peace with neighboring communities. Circle of children is such a blessing, thank you to all of past, present and future for contributing your love and visions to this community.”

“I have been a student of Circle of Children Village School for 14 months. During this time I have woken up to my true divine purpose that I shall play during this shift of consciousness in our evolution of humanity, and more and more I embody my fullest potential as a limitless human being. In this short time I have been involved with Circle, I feel like I have grown more than I have my whole life! It is a good feeling to know I am on the right path to a brighter future for our children. Always emanating from the core of Circle is an abundance of love, wisdom, gratitude, openness, and willingness to serve each other as we are meant to be. It is these values that have assisted my personal growth in ways unspeakable.”

~Chauce, 16, student of Circle of Children & Indigo Medicine Wheel

“Few people have the gumption or courage to stand up and create what they see missing in the world. Blackhorse is one of them. Circle of Children is a shining example of what one can build with determination and a dream. I’m honored to have flowed into this family and am filled with excited anticipation to see what we can create together! The world is finally ready for it!”
~Margot Rawlinson, Natural Frequency Wellness

“I think it is beautiful that this school is nurturing the true creative potential in children. This school provides the opportunity for children to connect with their authentic nature, which will help guide them throughout the entirety of their lives.”

“When I first discovered Circle of Children, I was on a walk with my 3 year old daughter downtown, when we saw an inviting message written on the sidewalk in chalk near a doorway. We walked inside into a joyful, exciting space where we immediately felt at home and welcomed. That day, my daughter was so engaged and eager to learn, I knew we would be back. On her next visit with her cousins, she told them all about Circle of Children and how amazing it was. The next chance I had, I took my daughter and my 4 nieces and nephews to Circle of Children, I wanted to share the experience with all of the children in my life and expose the adults in my life to a more supportive, wholesome way of teaching our children. All of the children embraced the learning opportunities they were given. Circle of children offers hands on exploration, discussions, and physically active practice, they offer opportunities for learning in a natural environment where understanding is obtained more holistically, it is not fragmented and isolated learning that occurs in some traditional environments. The “curriculum”, or planned experiences offered at Circle of Children managed to engage even the most “challenging” children I taken there with me. From hands on candle making to tee pee building and many things in between, the children felt enriched and often talked about their experiences at Circle of Children with other children and with their parents. I hear them make suggestions about ideas that they can investigate , “like we do at Circle of Children”. Circle of Children has been a source of rich, nurturing, learning experiences for me and the special children in my life. They are a gem in the Willamette Valley. My family is blessed for having found them.”

“Thank you Circle of Children for being such an evolved group with the greatest good of ALL children and families in your hearts and in your actions. You personify the active creation of structural change from corporate, top down to community lateral based structures that we must commit ourselves to if we wish to create a world in which future generations will not just survive, but THRIVE. Bless you. I am looking forward to contributing….”

“Circle of Children Village School is one of the best intentional communities I have found. They are very organized, professional, kind and caring, and have a spirit of freedom, hospitality and progress that is rare in the world today. They are a work of art that will continue to evolve..”

Circle of children gave my son and I a better relationship as I explored new parenting techniques in a healing natural setting. My son benefited from the extra guidance and attention of being part of a village. I would recommend this school to any family who is ready to go back to the land, be part of a tribe, and learn new ways to love and respect children and nature.”

“This place honors children because the adults need to get back to the childlike mindset. Children are magical beings and all they really need is a guide to discover the world and discover themselves. Honestly we learn more from children than children learn from us. They are the most nonjudgmental and beautiful spirits. Circle Of Children creates a space for them to do that and they allow a more spiritual setting so children can understand how powerful and amazing they really are. Children are the future and now is the time for children to be out of the public society that is telling them they “can’t” or they’re “too little” or telling them how to live their life. Society is holding our children back from finding their true purpose. Circle of children bases their education more on an Unschooling basis, through play and discovery and guidance. I have found that this is the best we could ever do for our children.”
~Ashley Burris

“This is going to be such a magical and amazing experience. I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this. My little girls are excited too. They are in love with Circle of Children Village School. A weekend of song, dance, healing, love, peace, harmony, and more.”