A fun little video of the first ever game of Play it Forward at the 2014 Topanga Earth Day Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

The Game that Generates Simple Acts of Kindness

Play it Forward is an interactive art installation that is woven into the fabric of a youth empowerment program we are developing called GEM (Global Empowerment Mandala). The game consists of a 6’ diameter wooden wheel that is an artistically carved sunflower mandala, and is being painted by visionary airbrush artist, Eric Nez. The wheel will have crystals and gemstones inlaid within it that will be illuminated at night, powered by solar energy and the spin of the wheel. (See the wheel here!)

To play the game, players will spin the wheel and land on 1 of 12 colourful rays. They will then receive an earthen token that guides them to go out into the community and perform a simple act of kindness. Acts of kindness are performed for oneself, the environment, or for another. Once a player has successfully performed their act, they pass the token onward and invite the next person to “play it forward!” This game generates simple acts of kindness that are sure to ignite the playful spirit of the child, connect hearts, and engage community. Our earthen tokens are produced by hand, and can be made onsite with participants. Children and adults alike love to stamp and paint the clay while inventing new acts of kindness!

This traveling art installation will be set up at schools, large-scale public events, and transformational festivals throughout the west coast for many years to come!


Bringing it Home

Youth Circles will be encouraged to artistically build the game and set it up in city centers, schools, parks, music and art festivals, and intentional communities around the world. Moreover, it will link individuals to GEM and inspire them to join the network, therefore assisting in the activation of our Global Community Network through our Social Media Platform!

Play it Forward is a way to enroll global participation in the movement, even if it is just for 5 minutes!

This is more than a game, this is tool for humanity to connect deeper by providing more loving service amongst one another. Play it Forward helps bring out the inherent nature of giving that lives within each one of us and instills the joy of serving others. It is not only effective at empowering individuals to show up more in their community, but it also successfully strengthens the whole by infusing the environment with consistent acts of kindness that propel a more peaceful, fulfilling and loving atmosphere.

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