Gift-giving creates deep ties that help build supportive community.

Circle of Children is committed to sharing the joys of unconditional giving, through acts of selfless service. All that we offer is provided as a free resource to the community, on the basis of a gift-economy model. We recognize that as we share, we create a growing awareness of love, trust, gratitude, prosperity, peace and true sustainability.

Nature is the most beautiful example of how the gift-economy works. To visualize this, begin by imagining a tree…

hands-holding-a-small-tree-hidesy_jpg_opt688x764o0,0s688x764The tree is provided for by all living things, always and forever sustained. The tree doesn’t wonder where and when the next rain is coming from. It just is. A tree’s only focus is to be. As the tree grows, it is naturally serving all living things around it. The tree gives oxygen, food, shelter and much more.

The tree also receives all it requires in order to make its design manifest sustainably. The tree is gifted shelter from the ground, water from the sky, and food through all living things that share space with it. Life is designed to share symbiotic relationships with one another. One being naturally serves another while receiving the gifts from the other.

The tree and all living things live abundantly. All needs are met by just BEING.

This is the natural rhythm of life.

Humans were not designed any differently from a tree, bird, buffalo, blade of grass, micro-organism, or a bee.
If we understand planet earth as one cell in the entire universe, then we would see that humanity has been given the same set of universal laws to operate from.

Circle of Children is an example of how humanity can thrive when in alignment with the natural cycle of the world.