In the Summer of 2016 GEM will be bringing a Youth Empowerment Camp (see MAP below) to transformational festivals such as Symbiosis Music Festival, Lucidity, and Beloved. This camp focuses on empowering young people (ages 12-24) to take an active roll in creating a thriving planet. Discover More Here.



We are now in the process of growing our production team. Does anyone want to go to Symbiosis Music Festival, Burning Man, or Beloved with us? We have several of ways you can contribute to the G.E.M team. Contact us if you are interested.

The opening gateway for this Camp will be two giant slabs of redwood from an ancient tree that was downed by lightning. Master wood carver Lavelle Foos (below) will be instructing a group of youth to carve these slabs similar to the one pictured below.


Ancient Redwood downed by lightnening, gifted to GEM by Lavelle Foos. 

Above is the ancient redwood that was graciously donated to the GEM Project by Lavelle Foos. Lavelle will be teaching a wood-carving course to youth (March 2016). These two redwood pieces will be carved to represent Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun, and they will serve as the entranceway into the GEM Youth Camp. Youth will also be carving 7 Cedar pieces (pictured next to redwood above) into totems which will represent the 7 cardinal points of the circular camp (the 8th point is represented by the redwood entranceway).

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