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GEM Web Platform Overview

The GEM Network is a free web-­based social media and crowdfunding platform that is designed to empower young people (ages 12­-24) by providing them with the tools, guidance and resources they require to take their innovative solutions for change and make them a reality. This action­-based global network brings together youth, schools, organizations and green businesses to support each other in creating a sustainable and thriving planet -­ one youth-­led project at a time! We will be offering GEM’s web platform to public schools across the nation as a tool for introducing new, or enriching existing, project and service-based learning programs in the traditional school setting.

Social Media Platform

“It is not adults that own this world, ­ it is the children.” Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim

The GEM Network unifies a community of global changemakers all in one place, at one time. A full­ feature social media platform creates a truly collaborative environment where members can cross ­pollinate ideas, promote their causes, share inspiring news, collaborate with peers, connect with mentors and link up with charitable organizations.

Crowdfunding Platform

“In the gift economy, the more you give the richer you are.” ­ Charles Eisenstein

Youth (ages 12-­24) who join the GEM Network can create a profile, start a project or join an existing one ­ and begin receiving gifts that same day! This next-­level crowdfunding platform makes it easy and inspiring for the community to support youth by providing resources (time, money, services, or products) that enable them to transform their creative ideas into successful projects.

The fundraising model for GEM is a holistic, integrated model that generates community currency on a gift-­giving basis. Each one of us has a gift to give!

  • Individuals can donate money, time and services to projects. They can also offer skill-­based apprenticeships and become mentors.
  •  Green businesses can donate money, services and eco­-friendly products.
  •  Nonprofit organizations can provide volunteer and internship opportunities for youth’s personal development, or collaborate with youth-­led projects.

In order to receive gifts through the crowdfunding platform, youth can get started by creating a project and filling out a Project Page. This page allows youth to showcase their projects through stories, video, photos and status updates and even become a Featured Project! Projects can be searched using the filtered search engine. Once a member finds a project they wish to support, they can make a donation or fill a request from the Project Wishlist. Additionally, when there is a match between project requests and offers within the community, both parties can opt to be notified of their match.

Design Mock-ups

The six images below are of the GEM Movement web design, as it stands today. The website is currently in development and it is a constantly evolving art piece that is being expressed with greater beauty and clarity every day. Please visit and sign up to receive updates as the web-platform progresses.

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Visitor Landing Page

GEM - Access_Land page (copy)

 New User Registration

GEM - Access_Simple Register (copy)

Youth Profile Page

GEM - Access_Profile (Menu) (copy)

Youth Profile Page (Retractable Menu)

GEM - Access_Profile (copy)

Acount Messages Page

Project Page

GEM - Project Feed_Project (copy)

*Click here to see the page that sprouts off of the project page

Interactive Map with Filtered Search Engine

GEM - Search message-01 (copy)

Creative Commons License
GEM Movement by Circle of Children is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. We are very open to this work being transformed and expanded upon, please contact us first for permission to do so.