An Invitation to Join
Circle of Children is inviting inspirational groups and organizations from around the world to join us in the formation of the Triangle Lake Center Cooperative, to be launched in Spring of 2015, for the collaborative development of the Center at Triangle Lake.

Unifying the Global Community
Circle of Children is offering our home as a global hub to showcase a thriving model for organic living and learning. We are unifying our efforts to expand our resources and increase our individual and collective success through cooperation.

Alternative Energy Exchange
The Center will operate primarily on alternative forms of currency, to encourage the Sharing Economy and Pay-it-Forward Model of Giving.

Showcase your Creative Innovations
We are opening a space for you to showcase your eco-conscious products, alternative energy designs, green living models and creative innovations. We all have unique gifts to offer the world, and when we bring them all together, we create an inspirational presentation that will reach the attention of a global audience.

A Space for the Sustainable Living Movement
We offer opportunities for organizations that are influential in the spheres of ecological stewardship, sustainable design, renewable energy, holistic health, alternative education, creative arts, community building, peacemaking and youth empowerment to host their upcoming convergences, events and retreats at Triangle Lake.

Empowering and Integrating Youth
Participants of our youth programs will be introduced to innovate concepts and exciting opportunities as they connect with influential organizations and visionary leaders that will provide valuable mentorship as they navigate their path in life.

The Next Step
We are offering tours of the center and will be hosting group convergences to facilitate the cooperative development of this exciting new project. This will serve to bridge our goals and develop a well-balanced operating model for the Cooperative, through sociocratic decision making.

Get Involved Today
The Triangle Lake Center Cooperative needs our communal support and participation to reach its full potential. Contact us if you are interested in becoming involved as a member, partner, affiliate, donor or sponsor.

*The Cooperative is still in the initial planning stages. We will be updating our site with more information soon.

** If your interested in joining the cooperative or becoming involved in the developing stages,  please contact us at